The Annual Bookrapt Seminar is on the first Saturday of August, and features top New Zealand authors, illustrators, and publishers.

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2010 - Inspiration & Illustration
Fleur Beale, Philip Webb, Diana Nield

2009 - Mrs McGinty, Grandma McGarvey, and Chocolate Cake
Philippa Werry, Gavin Bishop, and Jenny Hessell

2008 - Storytellers Secrets
Sharon Holt, Fifi Colston, and Moira Wairama

2007 - Real Men Write
Ken Catran, Brian Falkner, Phyllis Johnston, and Sherryl Jordan

Previous seminar speakers

2006 - Bookrapt Books
Lynley Dodd, Sherryl Jordan, Angie Belcher, Jean Bennett, Phyllis Johnston, Debbie Tupuna, Kim Westerskov

2005 - Wrapped in Words
Susan Price, Alison Robertson, Stu Duval

2004 - Page Turners
Tania Roxburgh, Gretchen Brassington, Wheelers Publishers

2003 - Magic Milestones
Pamela Allen; Lorraine Orman; Joy Cowley

2002 - Story Weaving
Bob Kerr; Tanya Batt; Bernard Beckett;  

2001 - Fiction in Action
Vince Ford; Wayne Mills (Children's Literature Foundation of New Zealand President); Tessa Duder

2000 - Blokes and Books
Roger Hall (playwright); David Hill; William Taylor

1999 - Animals Between the Covers
Lynley Dodd; Joy Watson; Tauranga Writers for Children

1998 - From Fireplace to Cyberspace
Andrew Crowe; Tommy Wilson; Laurence Zwimpfer (infotechnology)

1997 - Bantams, Blarney, and Books
Jennifer Beck; Nigel de Burca (storyteller); Rob South (publisher)

1996 - Talking Books
Janice Marriott; Penny Newman (illustrator); Jo Noble (publisher)

1995 - Literature for Life
Lyn Kriegler (illustrator); Fleur Beale; Hanaake de Graf (librarian)

1994 - Storytellers on the Move
Ruth Corrin; Trevor Pye (illustrator); Sherryl Jordan

1993 - 10 th birthday: Books, Birthday, and Bubbly
Jenny Hessell; Bryan Pollard (illustrator); Lynley Dodd; Ann Mallinson (publisher)

1992 - Words of Wonder
Ray Richards (literary agent); David Hill; Joy Wiseman (N.Z. Reading Association President)

1991 - Pages of Plesure
Gaelyn Gordon; Martyn Baynton (illustrator); Ruth Halliday (librarian);  

1990 - Step into the World of Books
Mere Whaanga-Schollum; Beverley Dunlop; Graeme Beattie (publisher)

1989 - Storytellers Supreme
Tessa Duder; Gavin Bishop (illustrator); Sherryl Jordan; Philip Webb (illustrator)

1988 - Links to Literacy
Wendy Pye (publisher); Bob Kerr; Mona Williams (storyteller)

1987 - A Renaissance of Reading
Dorothy Butler; Lynley Dodd; John Bonallack; Janet Slater Redhead;  

1986 - Children's Books Always in Season
Diane Hebley; Gary Hebley; Sharon O'Callaghan (illustrator); Ron Bacon;  

1985 - A Waterfall of Words
Margaret Mahy; Bringwonder (storyteller); William Taylor; Beverley Price (publisher); Ruth Lee; Phil Hutchings (reading adviser)

1984 - A New Zealand Experience
Betty Gilderdale; Alan Gilderdale (illustrator); Beatrice Yates (educationalist); Phyllis Johnston